User experience assurance testing

User Experience Assurance (UXA) — UX Testing

If someone asks me what is the difference between experience delivered by B2B or B2C products, I would say there is absolutely NO difference in the kind of experience that should be delivered through products in either of the ‘business segments’. I strongly support the ideology that all businesses lie in only one segment which is H2H (Human to Human). As, in the end it is a human user who is going to use your product or services and the experience delivered by your B2B or B2C product should ideally be comparable to experience delivered by the best in class experiences delivered by Ubers and Airbnbs. If you are trying to defend the poor experience of your app by saying that it is a B2B app, remember the user who is going to use your app will also be using apps like Uber, Airbnb etc and he doesn’t care if the app is B2B or B2C, he is eventually going to compare the experience delivered by all the apps in his phone equally.